Do you need the Dust doctors?

Why Dust Control?

It's not one size fits all. We develop bespoke solutions tailored to your business.

Our technologies have been developed to work alongside your business to increase productivity.

We supply a complete range of products and accessories for large and small companies in all types of industries.

In short we supply portable machines and stationary extraction systems to help companies all over the world to achieve better results.

  • "We much prefer the Dustcontrol units which are extremely reliable and benefit from excellent filters, the units are light and easy to move around, stable and upright. The disposable bags are great and very easy to remove and can be thrown away without any mess. As far as Bart are concerned that if Dustcontrol have not heard from us then “no news is good news!"
    Ged Griffiths - Bart Spices
  • "When you show up in the morning the air is clean and fresh, it is also easier to keep the work place clean. We had a lot of problems with flour dust before, now is it a totally new situation. I think everyone notices that, especially those with allergies"
    Jan Delselius
  • "We need effective suction systems to ensure the quality and capacity in the production as well as the worker’s health"
    Ari Urpinen, operation technician - Orion-Pharma